We all want to be more productive, less stressed, happier, and have satisfied clients, right? The secret to all of that becoming reality is time management. The most wondrous solution, campaign, or design is only that if it is delivered on time. Add these five tips to your daily routine to increase your productivity and efficiently manage your time.

1. Plan Your Day
Take the first 15 minutes of your day to plan your time. Block out time for answering emails, meetings, and production time to work on your projects. Equally as important is to block out time for breaks and meals.

2. Stick to Your Plan
Respect the plan that you have made for your day. As new things come up, decide if they can wait until the next day. Make interrupting your daily plan the last resort.

3. Stay Focused
Allow yourself to focus fully on the task at hand. Lower your risk for distractions by closing your email, social media, and silencing your phone during times when you should focus on other tasks.

4. Stay Refreshed
Taking breaks, eating healthy, and drinking plenty of water will keep your mind clear allowing you to feel your best and work at your most productive pace.

5. Wear Your Hats – One at a Time
As creatives, our work is rarely left at our desks. Our minds are always thinking, always creating. We find inspiration in countless places. But we do need to remember to switch our hats. Be present wherever you are outside of work. Be it with friends, family, or quiet time for yourself – those hats are just as (if not more) important than the ones we wear for work.